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In the next few seconds, I will show you why your body fat looks stubborn and won’t go away no matter your efforts

Dear friend,

Have you wished to bring back your figure 8 look and fit into that your most cherished cloths again?

Do you wish to ?

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What I am about to reveal has helped hundreds of Nigerians to bring back their gorgeous looks

But before we get into it, let me tell you my story…

....Announcing . the world....

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My name is Martha. After I gave birth to my first baby, my body started to increase out of nowhere and all I tried to keep it in shape didn’t work

It all started with my tummy after I delivered my “bundle of joy” and I felt maybe it was because of how I resisted going through the rigorous traditional practices of “omugwo”(the 3 months period during which a new nursing mother is given different foods and painful exercises to clear her body system after child birth)

How wrong I was and I didn’t even know what was ahead of me…

While growing up, I have heard how gaining weight can cost a woman her man

I was afraid to lose my marriage especially since I knew how much my hubby dislikes fat people…he thinks it’s a sign of irresponsibility

This is a category I never wished to get into in his mind

So I started going to the gym and bought all the supplements the gym instructor recommended spending so much money in the process

Instead of getting better, my entire body started increasing too that my clothes were becoming tight

During one of our discussion, my husband warned me that he was not going to give me money to replace my wardrobe, if I like I should keep adding weight.

He was angry that whenever we wanted to go anywhere together, I will surely delay him because I keep testing different cloths as many have become tight

This problem kept me up thinking all night

Then one day one of our closest family Friends visited.

He and my husband were seated outside discussing while I was getting something together to serve them

On my way to go meet them carrying a tray of snacks and drinks, I heard my husband whisper his friend “All women become bigger after childbirth…Mine did so wise up and look for a sweet 16 to make you happy”

I was devastated…

This is the love of my life telling his friend about my predicament and they both making jest of me instead of him protecting my interest

I could not sleep that night…I wept all through

So many thoughts was running through my head

Could it be that what I feared most has started happening already?

For my husband to be advising his friend to look for a sweet little girl suggests that he himself has started already

“So my beloved husband is cheating on me”…I wept even more

As if that was not enough, I wondered how many other people has he told about my problem already

I wished I could confront him but I couldn’t because I felt it was my fault…I blamed myself

I was in this pain for 19months and my situation got worse everyday

On september 23,2020.  I came accross an advert on my Facebook timeline about a NEW HEALTH RESTORATION TEA that’s helping young mothers lose weight fast

I ignored it first because I have wasted huge amounts of money on Products that didn’t work but when I looked at the testimonies of other people…I became curious and wanted to know more

After  33days of using this amazing product, I noticed a tremendous improvement in my physique

That’s not all…

My husband started making fresh advances at me, as I am sharing this story I am even wearing a 24karat gold necklace he just bought for me about two weeks ago…

That was the warmest night I have had in over 2years now because I enjoyed the embrace of my own beloved

This new discovery changed my life  and today it’s your turn to become slim, sexy and attractive.

I felt heartbroken.


Healthy slimming tea

Elaimei Slimming cream


  • FOR WEIGHT LOSS:  It will help you to Lose the extra weight that is making you feel heavy, unattractive and older than your age. 
  • FOR PRETTY LOOKS:  It will help you to always look stunning in every dress you put on.
  • FOR CHOLESTEROL:  Will help you burn fats in your body and WOW your doctor at your next checkup. 
  • FOR FIGURE 8 : It will enable you to look more pretty, and gorgeous always.
  • SAVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP: It will help you keep your man from looking at other ladies outside, because most men/women love ladies/guys that are not too fatty. 
  • DISTANCE WALK: It will enable you to take a long distance walk unlike when you are fat and feel very weak taking a walk.
  • FEEL FLEXIABLE: With this super slimming tea, be rest assured that you will have a free flexiable body.


1.extract anti-fat material using the advanced extraction technology from a number of traditional Chinese herbs.
2.So that an increase of 20 times the weight-loss results, especially have effect on eliminating the fat on abdomen and waist part.
3.The slimming tea effectively remove the intestinal fat oil, accumulated stool, toxins and other harmful substances which fat causing materials.
4.It help you to excret the oil that day to eat. And the anti-fat material resolve stubborn fat cells, making them transformed into energy consumed.
5.Then the body will feel a little heat, drink plenty of water in order to facilitate the discharge of oil.
Specification:2.5g/teabag,20 teabags/box
Net Weight: 50g
Adapt to the crowd:adult
Main ingredient:Leaf, hawthorn, cassia seed, orange peel and Poria
Package included:
a box of slimming tea

Elaimei Slimming cream

Elaimei Slimming cream helps burn fat accumulated on the skin, and loses weight and tightens the skin, because it contains natural substances such as ginger, turmeric and Indian collagen.
Ginger helps to get rid of the excess fat from the skin by sweating. Indian turmeric helps to open the pores of the skin to increase the speed of sweating, While collagen is pulling the skin and prevents the appearance of cracks.

contains chili and flaxseed and collagen
prevents the appearance of cracks in the skin
contains ginger that helps to get rid of the excess fat
contains indian tumeric that helps open the pores of the skin
HOT Chilli based slimming gel – starts working as soon as it is applied.
Impact on cellulite is intense and I have not found an easier way to smooth unsightly cellulite.
The gel heats up the whole treatment area and melts away unwanted fat leaving your skin smooth moisture rich and glowing.


Product usage

1. Tear off the stickers in the middle;

2. Take belly button as the center and fix the location;

3. Remove stickers on both sides in order slowly and gently press the abdominal batch to make it cling to the skin evenly;

4. Keep still 2-3 minutes after step 3 to avoid curling;

5. Slowly remove the patch horizontally from the side 6-8 hours later.

Hand Picked

Premium Quality

Good for Health

Completely Natural

Despite an estimated ..$60 billion(60 BILLION DOLLARS) a year spent on diet programs and products,traditional dieting just doesn’t work.

A recent study from a major university in UK reported that the majority of people who
diet regain all the weight,  plus more, and that restrictive diets do not lead to sustained weight loss or health benefits for the majority of people.

Dieting can also lead to serious health problems.

It can sabotage the body’s metabolism, spike insulin levels,create nutritional deficiencies, and even lead to eating disorders.

And dieting has been found to be associated with increased risks or diabetes, high blood pressure and depression.

Scientists now understand that diets don’t address the real cause of weight gain, which is a medical condition called Insulin Resistance that slows down your metabolism


The problem of over weight has been proven scientifically to be as a result insulin resistance in adults and that’s same reason for diabetes.

Ever wondered why most diabetic patients are also obese?

Now you know!

The FAT BURNING TEA ignites a new metabolic process that heals the pancreas so that you not only begin to produce the right amount of insulin that your body require, that the quantity released gets used up in converting blood sugar into energy so that none is stored as fat

This deals with insulin resistance

How much is the 3-in-1 WEIGHT LOSS PACKAGE. ?

You’ll agree with me that all I am giving you is worth over N100,000

But I won’t ask you to pay that amount…

Not even #50,000

I won’t even let you to pay N35,000 which is the normal market price

But for today only, you will get it at our Anniversary Promo Price of N25,000(ONE PACK CONTAINING 20 TEA BAGS THAT LAST FOR 20 DAYS…







2 FREE SLIMMING PATCH (worth N31,000)…





3 FREE SLIMMING PATCH (worth N46,500)…



As you’re reading this, thousands of people are also reading this too, hurry up and order before the last 7 pieces are sold out

Cash On Delivery Available,
In All States Of Nigeria.
(Good News – We Bring The Package To You, Before You Pay)

NOTE: Pls Don’t Order If Cash Isn’t Readily Available Or If You’d Travel Within The Period. Except Someone Is Picking Up on your behalf…..


  • We offer 100% Money Back Guaranteed!
  • Return Policy Upto 14 days Guaranteed!
  • We Offer Express and FREE Delivery To Your door step Nation Wide
  • Delivery is 1-2 working days in Lagos and 3-5 working days outside Lagos
  • Before you place your order below, make sure that the money is available and you won’t be traveling out of town within the next 1-5 days.



Customers reviews

See what our happy users are saying below

Once you fill the form and click on SUBMIT BUTTON, PRISCILLA from our office will call you to confirm your order and have your product delivered to you in 24-48 hours

Your purchase of this ULTIMATE 3-in-1 WEIGHT LOSS TEA.   is covered by My 60 Days “Call Me Insane” Money Back Guarantee.

We absolutely guarantee that this product will help you burn your stubborn fat and make you look beautiful and attractive in 60 days or less.  

It will also help you achieve  all the benefits We have promised in this page

We know you are buying this product with your “hard earned money”

And we respect that a lot.

money doesn’t grow over tree so no one wants to waste it.

That is why we are offering you the most effective weight loss tea you will ever get.

When you use this product for 60 days and you don’t notice a RAPID weight lost,

 If it doesn’t melt down that stubborn metabolism that has caused you SLEEPLESS NIGHT for years.

If it doesn;t help you to look, PERFECTLY SHAPED and SUPER-ATTRACTIVE.

If it doesn’t supercharge your life and restore your healthy living.

simply call us on  07037141142  and we will schedule a perfect time to come and pick it and REFUND back all your money even if it’s the empty pack that is left.

  That’s right.

We’ll refund all your money and apologize for wasting your time.  

The truth is, over 1000+ customers nationwide that are using our product,  and NONE  of them have ever complained or requested for their money back.  

 …and here is why. . .  

This product works. It’s so effective.

  In fact . . . 

we recommend that you stop using it as soon as you get your desired results.  

Only one person can give this kind of guarantee.

One who is sure that a product really works.  

You have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to lose. If it doesn’t work for you, you pay NOTHING. 

If you don’t get this product right now, it will be HEARTBREAKING to say but you will continue WASTING money on dangerous pills or  drugs that PUT YOUR LIFE AT RISK.

You will continue to STRUGGLE WITH YOUR ANNOYING EXCESS FATS which will continue giving you sleepless nights.

Have you taught of the fact that you may loose your patner to another beautiful and attractive lady who has taken care of her shape. 

 Imagine going through all these pains when you are ONLY FEW seconds away to ENDING ALL these annoying struggles once and for all 

 So what exactly are you waiting for?   Place an order right and and avoid going through all these pains.

Reasons to Buy From Us

100% Risk Free-Safe with Secure

100% Purchase Protection

Quick order processing and tracing

Free shipping on all orders

Join Over 10,000 Lovers

start a healthy lifestyle

In just 10 days of Adding this MAGIC Slimming tea to my diet, I dropped 12 pounds even though I still ate most of my favorite foods …..it still worked”


Customers reviews

See what our happy users are saying below

See what our happy users are saying below

Absolutely Yes, it will help definitely work for you Not only that...

It Will help you maintain your shape to avoid getting too fat again, look like a slim diva and so on...

We are clearing our stock so we can receive the new batch of products coming in to avoid store congestion and run the risk of mixing old stock with the new because I am afraid that will affect our workforce productivity.

That is a very good question. We  advice that you take it consistently for 28 days ( that is almost 1 month) before you see TANGIBLE results.  

But some of our customer’s saw AMAZING results in 2 weeks, 3 weeks, and 5 weeks. It all depends on your type of body but be rest assured you will get results after consistent usage for 28 days. or ALL YOUR MONEY REFUNDED TO YOU.

Yes both male and female can take it but 

 if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. you are not advised to take it.

people suffering from low-blood pressure shouldn't take it too.

That is a very good question. We  advice that you take it consistently for  1 month before you see TANGIBLE results.  

But some of our customer’s saw AMAZING results in 2 weeks, 3 weeks, and 5 weeks. It all depends on your type of body but be rest assured you will get results after consistent usage for 28 days. or ALL YOUR MONEY REFUNDED TO YOU.

Get your own pack of health and fitness

In just 10 days of Adding this MAGIC Slimming tea to my diet, I dropped 12 pounds even though I still ate most of my favorite foods …..it still worked”


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